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Piano tuning course

Private piano and accordion tuning and repairs courses available

Piano tuning video tutorialClick here to get my piano tuning video tutorial
Those courses take the form of 3 hours blocks and are given in my own studio or anywhere in Quebec.

I use my Accordion Multimedia Conference extensively to illustrate my teaching.

This Conference gives the student a broad, general and complete knowledge about all aspects of the accordion or the piano but most importantly, the theoretical content useful for for the apprenticeship of tuning.

The student leave with the didactics material for his future reference and further deepening of his knowledge.

Here is an example of the teaching pertaining to the accordion tuning:

Cents explained

After his first visit, the student can choose to come back any number of times.

The content is vast and once the first course mastered, the student can come back after six months or a year for a follow up.

The beats a second

Note that I can present a "private" conference to groups of 6 (max) at my workshop.

Cost is $300/3hours for one person and $50 for each additional person to a max of 12 ($850 total)

To schedule your private session or for a public representation of The Accordion Multimedia Conference, please contact me.

Call me at: (819) 769-1407 or contact me via the contact page