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Mario Bruneau photoI’m glad you’ve made it to this page.

If you landed here, chances are you’re looking for information about tuning your own piano.  Well this is your lucky day because I’m about to share with you all the knowledge I have acquired during my 35+ years as a professional piano tuner-technician and 10 years teaching others the art of piano tuning.

I will show you all the steps needed in order to succeed learning how to safely tune your own piano.

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Piano Introduction

Piano Keyboard WLThe piano is considered the king of all musical instruments. Invented in 1709 by the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731), it was the first keyboard instrument that was able to produce dynamics that is, to play soft and loud hence its name pianoforte (piano = soft, forte = loud) Cristofori’s pianoforte was a rather delicate instrument but since then and with numerous improvements, it has become the rich and powerful piano we know today. Read the rest of this entry

When To Tune Your Piano?

SoundBoardA tuned piano is so much fun to play and even more to listen to. Indeed, in their effort to design the best sounding musical instrument there is, designers base their calculations towards the fact that their musical instrument will perform at its best when tuned to the universal standard that is, the A=440Hz tuning fork. Read the rest of this entry

The Effect Of Time On Your Piano

ClockInvented in 1726 by the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori, the piano was the first keyboard instrument to play soft and loud hense his name “pianoforte” (piano = soft, forte = loud) It was at first a rather delicate instrument and went through numerous improvement and became the rich and powerful instrument of today. Its complex construction, the science Read the rest of this entry

tuning a grand pianoMany thanks to the commentators “the all knowing” here is a super course about the physics of sound.

This is a video every aspiring piano tuner should listen carefully. This video last more than an hour but is mandatory for any aspiring piano tuner.

Every musician should also look at this video very seriously.

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Piano Tuning Lever Design


Tuning Lever Design & Maintenance

by Keith Bowman, RPT


Pear handle piano tuning leversThe tuning lever or “hammer” is simply a specialized wrench that enables a piano technician to apply a torquing force  sufficient to overcome tuning pin friction. But unlike most other technical professions, this tool bears the great burden  of constant use. Therefore, it is important for each technician to develop his or her tool system. This includes choosing the right tuning lever(s) for individual preference and tuning technique, component choices for adapting to various plate/pin configurations, practicing some simple preventative maintenance and understanding repair options.

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Easy steps to tune your piano part 2- Tunelab.

how to play the ipad mini tune on piano

Piano tuning lessons part 2

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